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Vianney Halter was born in Suresnes, in Paris outskirts, in 1963.

His father was a train driver for French National Railways.

In his oldest memories, he remembers his father bringing home old machines and mechanical parts that fascinated him.

In a way, early exposure to powerful locomotives, steam engines and control instruments might be the origin of Vianney‘s attraction to mechanics and engineering.

At the age of fourteen he set his mind on deepening his knowledge of mechanics, took the train to the capital and enrolled himself at the Ecole Horlogère de Paris (Paris Watchmaking School).

After graduating in 1980, Vianney Halter spent the first ten years of his professional life restorating antique horological items. This gave him a broad knowledge about the art of horology.

Being independent since 1994, he produced various timepieces for famous brands such as Harry Winston, Breguet and Audemars Piguet, among others.

Starting 1998, he also dreamt up and developed his own collection of wristwatches. His creations have been welcomed as avant-garde pieces and are considered as instigators of a new trend in watchmaking.
Vianney makes atypical timepieces in a stunningly traditional manner, using his unique style, his own technical patents and trademarked designs.
As a matter of fact, when he presented his first model, the Antiqua Perpetual Calendar at the Basel Fair in 1998, the watch was immediately regarded as a « relic from the future ».
This enabled him to assert his creativity and granted him access to the AHCI.

In the following years, Vianney Halter created 10 different wristwatch models. However, the high level of craftsmanship keeps the production at a confidential level, as less than 500 watches bearing Vianney Halter’s signature were ever produced.

In 2013 he unveiled his new creation, the Deep Space Tourbillon: a futuristic three-axis tourbillon under a crystal dome. As with the Antiqua, Vianney innovated and created general surprise with a previously unseen mechanism and bold design.

These 22 years of independence spent perpetuating watchmaking arts and his contribution to the contemporary horological landscape have won him nine prizes.

Best Men’s Watch for the Deep Space Tourbillon, SIWP 2017, Geneva
Gaïa Prize, in the Craftsmanship and Creation category, La Chaux-de-Fonds 2016
Hall of Fame Prize, Temporis 2016, Bucharest
Best Design Watch Prize for the Deep Space Tourbillon, Salon Des Grandes Complications 2015, Dubai
Watch of the Year Prize for the Deep Space Tourbillon, by Passion Horlogère, Paris 2013
Design & Innovation Prize for the Deep Space Tourbillon, GPHG 2013
Best Watchmaker Prize, GPHG 2011
Best Craftsmen Master Prize, Premios R&E 2008, Madrid
Innovation Prize with Harry Winston for the Opus 3, GPHG 2003 (Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prize)

The quality of his expertise placed him as one of the 64 players who were selected for the White Book of the FHH (Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie). The white book aims to delineate the idea and principles of Haute Horlogerie.

Vianney works like an artist, expressing his creativity and his style through the skills he masters: horological construction and horological arts.