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In the small village of Sainte-Croix, nestled in the heart of the Swiss Jura, you will find an unpretentious building housing La Manufacture Janvier. According to the immutable laws of horology, a watchmaking firm is considered a “manufacture” if it is able to make the “mouvement en blanc” or “blank caliber”.

“Mouvement en blanc” is a ancient term which refers to the preliminary, roughly finished stage of a caliber. This stage is composed of the baseplate, bridges, and spring barrel.

With the ability to produce mouvements en blanc, the company founded by Vianney Halter under the name of Janvier SA is fully entitled to the term “manufacture”.

Les Montres Vianney Halter was born in 1998 at the Basel International Watch and Jewelry Fair with the presentation of a strange watch called the Antiqua. Halter presented this timepiece in the context of his candidature to the AHCI (Académie Horlogère des Créateurs Indépendants).
Vianney Halter is a man who has chosen the most demanding branch of haute-horology in which to express his creativity.

Then one collaboration was to mark up in a resounding manner the short story of the Vianney Halter brand : during Baselworld 2003, the north american jeweller Harry Winston presented in front of amazed journalists his Opus 3 for which he had given Halter carte blanche. Vianney won first prize at “Grand Prix de Genève” in the Technical Innovation category for the Opus 3 project.

And in 2011 Vianney Halter won again at “Grand Prix de Genève” the prize of the Best Watchmaker-Designer.

We kindly invite you to discover the astonishing and captivating world of Vianney Halter. A world inspired by science-fiction literature, the novels of Jules Verne, antique scientific instruments, vintage cars and all beautiful things mechanical.