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Born in January, 1971 in German-speaking Switzerland Andreas Strehler dreams from the childhood to be an inventor and machinery creator. From 1987 he began his apprenticeship as watchmaker restorer in Frauenfeld and had the theoretical lessons in the watchmaking school in Solothurn at the same time.

In 1991 he employed at Renaud and Papi in charge of prototypes. The spirit of independence dominated more and more his mind and in 1995 Andreas left from Renaud and Papi to become a restorer of antiques clocks and watches dedicating his spare time to a first big project which was released in 1998, when he presented at Baselworld a first revolutionary piece “Tischkalender” a combination between a pocket watch and a desk calendar with memory – a new interpretation of The Sympathique of Abraham-Louis Breguet.

From then the projects and the patents were following one another, and Andreas developed and built movements for Chronoswiss, Moser and Cie., Maurice Lacroix.

In 2005 Andreas created UhrTeil AG: engineering consulting firm and factory for watches and movements where he continued to make with the tools, produced by himself, the prototypes and the components for some other brands. The fame grew up fast and in 2007 he created the Opus 7 for Harry Winston with alternating display of functions, based on his own patent of 2002.

In 2008 Andreas created the very first wrist watch model with his signature on it – « Butterfly », which was followed in 2012 by « Cocoon », the « Sauterelle » (« Grasshopper ») with a remontoir d’égalité mechanism in 2013 and in 2014 – the « Sauterelle with Perpetual Moon ». The moon phase mechanism has only four elements, achieving an overall accuracy of 14,000 years of lunar phases – worldwide record. In 2013 he also works in association with Kari Voutilainen on the project Chapter Three Reveal for the Maîtres du Temps.

At QP Salon in London in November, 2014 Andreas revealed his novelty for 2015 – the « Papillon d’Or » (the « Golden Butterfly »)

His workshop is situated in Sirnach in German-speaking Swiss. Andreas Strehler develops and designs there his movements with a small dedicated team. No more than 20 watch-making marvels branded Andreas Strehler are born every year in his workshop for the pleasure of the collectors of exceptional mechanics.

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