The Sauterelle à “Heures Mondiales” by Andreas Strehler has lift off

We’ve been waiting, we’ve been hoping, we’ve been keeping our eyes peeled. And here it is! The new incredible creation by Strehler has been unveiled in recent weeks. Whilst the “Sauterelle à Heure Mondiale” is a continuation of the work of our friend Andreas, it also marks a step forward by virtue of its particular complication. As a reminder, it was at the request of one of his loyal clients that he set about the task to create a watch with a world time function.

Having an ideal perspective thanks to his now famous Sauterelle (winner of several awards), in particular his Lune Exacte version, Andreas Strehler had the germ of an idea.

Andreas Strehler - Sauterelle Heures Mondiales

And so the idea became reality and his first watch dedicated to the world of travel was able to see the light of day. Its distinctiveness jumps out at first glance: at 8 o’clock on the dial there is a view of the earth as seen from above the north pole, rotating counter clockwise once in 24 hours, with two sections representing day/night. This positioning has moved the small seconds to 10 o’clock.

Turning over the 41mm case, made in the classic lines of the Sauterelle collection, there is a ring on the back with the names of 24 cities. Using a quick adjustment system, it is this ring that enables you to know the time anywhere in the world.

But just like being a great traveler frequently hopping from one continent to another does not prevent one from being a lover of fine watchmaking, the movement of this Sauterelle à Heure Mondiale has a remontoir dégalité [constant force device] that provides constant energy whatever the winding tension of its mainsprings. A guarantee of extreme precision.

Andreas Strehler - Sauterelle Heures Mondiales

And let us underline that compared with a “normal” Sauterelle, the addition of the world time complication has involved an increase to the case depth of only one millimeter. A rather impressive feat of miniaturization…

Although our watchmaker initially envisaged making only one edition for his client-collector, he ultimately has made two pieces, one in gold, the other in platinum. He says he is willing to assemble more upon request with, and why not, other possible options, such as a moon phase indicator. Are you ready for a new watchmaking journey with a Sauterelle à Heure Mondiale on your wrist?

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