The Sauterelle à “Heures Mondiales” by Andreas Strehler has lift off (May 2017)

We’ve been waiting, we’ve been hoping, we’ve been keeping our eyes peeled. And here it is! The new incredible creation by Strehler has been unveiled in recent weeks. Whilst the “Sauterelle à Heure Mondiale” is a continuation of the work of our friend Andreas, it also marks a step forward by virtue of its particular complication. As a reminder, it was at the request of one of his loyal clients that he set about the task to create a watch with a world time function.

Having an ideal perspective thanks to his now famous Sauterelle (winner of several awards), in particular his Lune Exacte version, Andreas Strehler had the germ of an idea.

And so the idea became reality and his first watch dedicated to the world of travel was able to see the light of day. Its distinctiveness jumps out at first glance: at 8 o’clock on the dial there is a view of the earth as seen from above the north pole, rotating counter clockwise once in 24 hours, with two sections representing day/night. This positioning has moved the small seconds to 10 o’clock.

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