Instagram photos contest

Ekso Watches Gallery is launching a photograph contest on Instagram under the name #eksowatches. For the first edition of this contest, to take place from 05 to 25 December 2017, participants should send their most beautiful photograph spotlighting a watch created by one of the master watchmakers represented at our gallery.

Rules for participation are simple. You need only have a public Instagram account so that your photos are viewable to all, subscribe to the @eksowatchesgallery account, post a picture corresponding to the required theme and add these tags in the description: #eksowatches as well as the @eksowatchesgallery account.

Several conditions apply for each of the photographs submitted. They must be taken with maximum resolution. It must not be possible to easily recognize any face in the picture unless the model gives written authorization for use.

So how do you get started?

  1. Your Instagram account must be valid (and not private)
  2. Post the picture of your timepiece
  3. Mention #eksowatches (mandatory) and follow the @eksowatchesgallery account (

Some practical advice:

  • Take photos with good resolution!
  • Make sure faces are not easy to recognize!
  • Further information and rules > link in the bio

You will be informed, at the latest, on 15th January, if your picture has won one of the contest prizes.

  • Prize 1: lunch in Paris with by one of the master watchmakers represented at our gallery
  • Prize 2: magnifiying glass by Loupe System
  • Prize 3: two-watches travel case by Buben & Zorweg

The winners chosen by random prize draw:

  1. Will be tagged in an Instagram post posted from the @eksowatchesgallery Instagram account
  2. They will receive an Instagram notification telling them they have been tagged in a post by @eksowatchesgallery.
  3. Winners will be invited to contact Ekso Watches Gallery by private message to provide their contact details (name, surname, postal address and telephone number).

To know the rules of the competition, click here.

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