Ekso watchmakers on screen

Approximately four minutes of watchmaking joy is offered by a video clip recently produced by two film makers. Very few faces, just silhouettes; no dialog, just captivating music. And closeups – much like freeze frames – giving the leading role to the watches created by the watchmakers represented by the Ekso Gallery: Andreas Strehler, Vianney Halter, Kari Voutilainen, Ludovic Ballouard, Bart and Tim Grönefeld, Bovet, De Béthune. To be watched and rewatched for sheer pleasure…

Time is a journey, a watch a dream, sometimes inaccessible. A four-minute clip proves this point as it takes us from five-star hotel to an airport, transporting us by limousine or private jet, towards an unnamed city, through unknown skies.


A woman, a man. Who is the main character? Her? Him? They appear, stop briefly, move on again, leaving as hints only rapid glances at the face of their watch. As if hurrying to a meeting in a secret location, with a mysterious person, at a time known only to themselves. Magnificent timekeepers, of course, since they were designed by Strehler, Halter, Voutilainen, Ballouard, Grönefeld, Bovet or De Béthune, all independent watchmakers-designers represented by the Ekso Gallery.


The furtive moments, the flashes of magic, the hands marking off the seconds, all lend a plush, refined dreamlike quality.

This is how the film makers, accustomed to the world of fashion and art de vivre, see watchmaking, like a union of technique and aesthetics. But while time is immutable, they are free to play with images, slowing them down, speeding them up, stopping them at will, freeing themselves from precision to prioritize emotion.


What is the film’s scenario? Well, it is the one you want to imagine! Such is the privilege of any fictional work: it’s each to their own. Whether a limousine, a jet or a five-star hotel…

Ekso Watches Gallery, by Olivier De Larue Dargère and Lord Lewis Marin, on vimeo.com.

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